Preprinted Partnership Charts

Here is a sample file name: 2for2Ps4colsRA2DA

The first number denotes how many columns per partner the chart has; the sample has 2 columns for each partner, in other words both CA and OB.

The second number tells you how many partners may be placed in the chart; the sample has 2 partners.

The third number tells you how many columns per asset are in the partnership table; the sample has 4 columns to the right of "asset" (perhaps "book;" "tax;" "debt;" "MG").

If a file name has RA after "cols" it means the chart has room for splitting properties due to use of the remedial allocations method.

The number following "RA" tells you how many pieces the property can be broken into; the sample has room for a property subject to the remedial allocations method to be broken into two pieces ("old" and "new").

Finally, if a file name ends with DA it means the chart includes room for debt allocation with a column for each partner and column for the total; the sample will have 3 columns under debt allocation: "P1" "P2" and "total."